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Smooth & Healthy

I am proud to offer Keratin Treatments customizable for each individual's desired appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Keratin Treatment Affect Your Hair?

How Does a Keratin Treatment Help Your Hair ?

  Keratin Smoothing Treatment does not work like traditional formaldehyde-based straighteners or relaxers. While the flat ironing at the end of the process temporarily straightens your hair, the treatment itself does not break the bonds of your hair the way traditional relaxers or straighteners do. Instead, this treatment uses natural, non-toxic ingredients like sericin and keratin to rebuild damaged hair and promote health, shine, manageability, and frizz reduction that tames unruly hair. 

When the  treatment is applied it begins to heal and smooth your hair cuticles, which are the outermost parts of your hair shafts. Your hair is already made of keratin, so the keratin in the treatments add strength and shine to what’s already there. A keratin smoothing treatment can help define your curls, add health and shine, and keep your hair frizz-free for weeks or even months at a time.This allows you the OPTION to love your curl without frizz one day, and smooth without frizz until shampooed again

How Will I Know My Final Cost?

How Long Does the Smoothing Treatments Last ?

Treatments can range in price from $250-$500+  I offer high quality smoothing services that promotes healthy hair. You're investing a superior product and customizable  applications when you work with me. 

 Depending on which application we decide is best for your hair ,will determine the length of time in between reapplication.  Express Treatments last up to 10 weeks , and Complete Treatments last up to 5 months with the proper haircare home maintenance. 

How Do I Know Which Treatment to Choose?

I can help with that! Start by scrolling down and reading through the Smoothing treatments that are offered.  Once you fill out the digital consultation,  a member of my team will assist you in finalizing your selections. 

Smoothing Treatments

  • No harmful chemicals

  • Last up to 5 months

  • No follow up appointment necessary

  • Color can be applied the same day

  • Swim or shampoo in same day

  • Helps repair damaged hair

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