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Welcome to your new salon home...

Your experience will start when you use the online booking service.  The ER Salon new guests are offered  4 different options to choose from for their first visit, which is displayed below.  New Guest pricing is slightly higher than the pricing listed on my service menu. Your first appointment will be extended as we will need to do a thorough consultation to ensure you receive the desired results. We will create a plan for the current visit and a plan for future visits. (Prices may vary depending on the density or length of hair). Final prices will be given before your services on the day of your visit. Please select the option that best accommodates you.

I can't wait to meet you !

Step 2

Step 1

 Book your service package through the online booking system.

Step 3

Once your request is received you will receive a welcome message back within 24 hours with more details to ensure your first visit is seamless.

Step 4

Enjoy The ER Experience at your new salon home.

Step 5

New Guest Booking Options...

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, I get that , I take away all of the usual stress and confusion through The ER Salon unique booking experience. 

New Guest booking Option #1

The Meet And Greet

We all know how great it feels to walk out of a hair salon and be satisfied with the service we received. The consultation is the most important part of the process to receive and give a satisfying service. During this time we will discuss your hair goals, hair maintenance routine, and much more. I will make recommendations for services that best accommodates your hairs condition, lifestyle and budget . If we are a good fit for achieving your hair goals, we will proceed with and schedule service options tailored for your hair care needs.

( approx 20 mins) $35 (approx 15 mins ) $20 Virtual 

Choose the "Meet & Greet " when you book below.

New Guest booking Option #2

ER Express Me

Looking to maintain your current style? This is an Express Service  that is offered to New Guest who are want to maintain . This option is recommended every 2-3  weeks as a preventative routine to maintain healthy hair. This option begins with the“Meet and Greet". Then followed by a rejuvenating shampoo and conditioning steam treatment .  

Includes a Blow-Dry style.  

(approx 2hrs)  $180

Choose ER"Express ME " when you book below.

New Guest booking Option #3

ER Shape Me

Looking to freshen up your look? (adding layers, face framing ,blunt length removal more then 1 inch) This service is recommended if you would like your hair to be shaped.  The option begins with the “Meet and Greet”.  Then we will begin with a revitalizing shampoo, along with a healthy hair treatment. Followed by a ER Shaping of the hair.  This healthy hair maintenance option is recommended 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy hair every 6-8 weeks for those who desire to maintain the layering and shape of the current style of the hair.  Includes a Blow-Dry Style.

(approx 2hrs30mins )  $225

Choose ER "Shape ME " when you book below.

New Guest booking Option #4

ER ReVive Me

Experiencing breakage or would like to prevent breakage? In need of extra hydration and moisture? Have extra build up from products or extensions?  This service offers a detoxifying cleansing to the hair and scalp, a strengthen treatment, hydrating conditioning and  ER  Shaping . This signature treatment is recommended every  2- 3  months depending on the condition of your hair and scalp. Your hair and scalp will be left feeling deeply cleansed, hydrated and healthy.

Includes a Blow-dry Style.

( approx 3hrs ) $270

Choose ER"ReVive ME " when you book below.

Need something else?

Do you want to make a major change or have a service that isn't listed here? I have you covered! Simply email us at and we will start a digital consultation.

New Guest Booking
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